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Our Banquet Halls in Medipally

Celebrations are an obligatory part of our lives. Banquet hall services stand as an ideal one-stop solution for those planning for marriage, occasion, or business conferences. Our Banquet halls fulfill customer requirements for running a cheerful wedding, birthday, or anniversary party. Undisputed events like weddings in banquet halls run organized, making every moment special. The SVM grand banquet halls Medipally leaves no stone unturned. Here is a detailed description of SVM Grand banquet hall amenities.


Marriage Hall

We all know that marriages are decided in heaven but occur on earth. To ensure marriages take place in heaven, associating with Kalyanamasthu marriage hall is an ideal choice. Our banquet hall plays an impeccable role in making your dream wedding come true. We make your special day even more incredible by making beautiful memories with your loved ones.


If you’re hunting for a perfect location to conduct your wedding event, Kalyanamasthu marriage hall as it has spacious space to accommodate nearly three hundred members. The banquet hall is destined for performing the grandest wedding event with endless Moments of joy. The luxury interiors with lavish rooms for the bride, bridegroom, and family members help the family prepare without confusion. By choosing SVM grand, you and your family stay in peace as everything from the start till the end is well-handled by the SVM team. The catering service at Kalyanamasthu is yet another bonus surprise with special delicacies astounding guests.

Srirasthu Subhamastu

Banquet Hall

The Srirasthu Subhamastu Banquet Hall is a prestigious venue for an incredible wedding experience. The top-of-the-line interiors with well-furnished rooms and premises impress families and guests. Moreover, delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines prepared by top chefs are highlighted at Srirasthu Subhamastu Banquet Hall. The lavish ambiance makes the wedding event a high-class one, making us remember for a lifetime.

The air-conditioned banquet halls give the guests lifetime cherishing moments with their customized décor, charming light arrangements, plush green lawns, and personalized themes. The high-end amenities and best hospitality services make Srirasthu Subhamastu Banquet Hall the best banquet hall in Medipally for weddings.


Conference Hall

While making a list of services with SVM Grand, we are not limited to restaurants and banquet halls but render conference halls with top-class facilities. Shubham conference hall is ideal for corporates looking for conference halls with in-built amenities. The conference hall is well-suited for most businesses as it resides in a prime location accessible for all executives. The super-fast Wi-Fi, air conditioning, bright daylight, quality equipment, electric sockets, stationery material, and food services make the Shubham conference hall a perfect choice for conferences and meetings.

Conference Halls Medipally

The conference hall comes to mind when discussing the highlights of the SVM Grand. There aren’t any hassles associated with SVM grand as they prepare the conference hall according to the event. Businesses preparing to conduct interviews, board meetings, seminars, business presentations, or workshops, booking SVM grand conference halls leaves you in peace.

The best feature about these conference halls is the state-of-the-art equipment, top-class working conditions in all technical aspects, best technical support team with the latest video and audio conferencing technologies.

Seminar Halls Medipally

While hunting for seminar halls, a few requirements need to complete the hall. Projector facilities with advanced sound systems help render the best lectures. Our seminar halls are entirely air-conditioned and hold a massive capacity audience. We have smart classrooms with slide projectors, microphones, and high-quality audio-visual systems.

Our seminar hall is appropriate for guest lectures, meetings, gatherings, conferences, and presentations. Make the best choice of booking SVM Grand and make your seminars successful.

Wedding Halls Medipally

SVM Grand makes every wedding unforgettable with lavish wedding halls in all prime locations in the city. The wedding halls come with unbounded facilities that ease the pressure and stress of the families. By booking wedding halls with SVM grand, bride and bridegroom families relax as SVM grand takes complete responsibility from the start till the end. The food and catering service is a must-mention point as they render utmost quality food fulfilling guests’ taste buds.

SVM Grand is thus a one-stop solution for all events under one roof. Every event has its plans and preparations, executed well by SVM Grand professionals.



50 to 1000 persons


Pure-Veg & Non-Veg Catering available


Birthdays, Engagements, Marriages, Receptions, Corporate Meetings etc.,


Fully Air-conditioned


Car parking facility Available


Pleasant ambient & interiors

Banquet halls

SVM Grand is an excellent choice for its centralized location. The Medipally location makes joyous moments for families to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and other gatherings. The amenities for every occasion, from lighting, music, and food, are incomparable, and we stand out from the rest.

Cost factor

Though SVM stands prestigious as a three-star hotel, the cost factor never burns a hole in customers' pockets. The success of SVM Grand to date with positive reviews is mainly due to pocket-friendly charges and quality service.

Capacity and minimum

By holding hands with SVM Grand for any occasion, we offer spacious halls accommodating more than five hundred members for all events. Our halls are big and spacious, with good natural lighting and technical aspects that help make any occasion successful.

Services and Amenities

They are unlimited by looking at the services and amenities. Every branch of SVM Grand stands premier for best service. The restaurants, banquet halls, bar, conference rooms, etc., highlight themselves as a professional team that supports them. The best customer service in all sectors makes SVM Grand the best hotel in Hyderabad.

Banquet Menu

Benefits of celebrating with SVM Grand

SVM Grand helps make all occasions and events successful with quality service and the best hospitality. By booking any event with us, customers enjoy hassle-free celebrations and luxurious facilities for guests. The facilities rendered by our team are outstanding, ranking us as the top restaurant in Hyderabad.

 Please look at our website by scrolling through all the pages to understand the lavish look, excellent service, and beautiful celebrations. Book your events and businesses with us to make the event attractive.

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