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1 Jun

How to Plan Your New Destination Wedding, Trends to Consider – Tips and Guide

For portraying unique style, destination weddings have become the favourite occasion for the latest couples. Destination weddings are the most loved concept, which takes the family, friends and couple beyond expectations. The whole crew celebrates the event in a magical way. Though the idea may sound cool, it also seems terrifying if not properly planned. Hence, it is essential to plan well for a new destination wedding ahead of time. Let us glimpse through the tips and guide in planning a destination wedding.

Tips and guides for a destination wedding

  • Flexibility is the key: Mountains, lakes or beaches ensure choosing a safe destination that serves the guests with all major requirements. The first aspect to consider while selecting a wedding destination is the hotel lodging for all guests and ease of childcare access. A good piece of advice is to check if there aren’t any political issues, travel warnings or health hazards. Henceforth, opting for a flexible location for all guests is the first and foremost aspect of planning.
  • Early planning: The truth is that destination weddings come across multiple logistical challenges. Hence planning and preparing well in advance is noteworthy. Though it adds to your budget, taking a scouting trip to the destination renders a better idea. Plan to meet the vendors, managers and other people on the case and confirm everything goes by the book. Early planning for a destination wedding averts last moment confusion and pressure. A destination wedding is a new adventure and offers an abundance of memories if planned perfectly.
  • About notifying guests: Guests would defiantly be on cloud nine to hear the news and join the dazzling destination wedding. For guests to arrive without hassles to the destination, notifying them in advance works wonders. We know that friends, family, and guests juggle between work, child care, other trips, holidays, etc. They also need ample time to prepare their attire, passport and more. Hence, it is best to notify guests four to eight months before the wedding date for convenient travelling.

Destination wedding in India

India is a location famed for its culture and tradition. In that manner, India is a perfect place to execute destination weddings as there are ample gorgeous destinations that make marriage blessed. For couples whose wedding bells have initiated to ring, make a note of a few points to consider while planning a destination wedding in India.

  • Unique experience: There are great wedding locations in India, such as Goa, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Kashmir, Jodhpur, Kerala, Bikaner, Rishikesh, etc. If you’re a couple planning a destination wedding in India, choose the best location for a unique experience for all. Friends, guests and family can enjoy exploring the location, savouring local food, and gathering unforgettable memories. Destination wedding in India is an amalgamation of vacation and marriage event that offers the most precious and extraordinary experience in life.
  • Plan on budget: Defining a particular budget gives you a rough idea about the expenditure in every department, such as catering, décor, etc. With intelligent budget planning, allocate funds for other activities such as sipping margaritas, exploring the location and planning some activities for a fun time. The best part of a destination wedding in India is the dazzling backdrop of the location that minimizes the décor cost and paves the way for a religious wedding. Henceforth, planning destination weddings in India helps you minimize costs.
  • Lodging at budget: While considering the accommodation costs, analyzing all the recommendations and tips to reduce lodging cost is significant. Booking for complete blocks in hotels that offer discounts helps you reduce a great amount from the budget. It is always better to book rooms in single vicinity for minimal cost.
  • Minimal guest list: While penning down the guest’s list, be very cautious about the number of guests to invite. Decide whether the occasion is a large grand one or a small intimate occasion. Hence making a list of intimate family and friends list is essential.
  • Location: India has the best and most popular sites for destination weddings. Shillong, Jim Corbett, Hampi, Mussoorie, and more exceptional locations take your wedding to another level. Keep in mind the weather, backdrop, cuisines and other facilities while picking a location in India. With the theme and vision in mind, the location is selected if the wedding is amidst the desert, mountain, palace, or beach wedding.
  • Plan additional events: Prolong the big day’s enjoyment by planning for special events during the occasion. Few weddings conduct a welcome party for additional pleasure and delight of the location. Adding the planner with interactive sessions and group tours also elevates the spirit of destination weddings.
  • Check local marriage requirements: Registering a marriage as legal isn’t that easy in a distant location. Hence preparing with all requirements such as paperwork, medical certificate, birth certificate, proofs, letters of intent and more makes registering for marriage a cakewalk. Getting prepared with all necessary documents assists in hassle-free marriage registration.


Today’s Millennials and Gen Z go through a myriad of research and bring in new ideas and themes to host a destination wedding. They think about new and give a sweet surprise to family and friends, venturing everyone into new surprises. With proper planning and execution, destination weddings are successful and memorable for everyone.

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