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21 Oct

Best Food To Eat in Hyderabad – 9 Hyderabadi Dishes That You Must Try

Here you will get the best Hyderabadi Food. It brings the deliciousness and variety of flavors of Hyderabad to your table. From Veg to Non-Veg, from chicken to mutton, everything you will get here. Hyderabadi famous desserts are here to fulfill the sweetness in your hearts. Here you will have the best experience. You will be amazed at the unforgettable taste of our dishes. Our priority is to make your day special with our best Food and best hospitality. We are here to bring amazing and famous Hyderabadi recipes to your table.

Hyderabadi Dishes You Must Try

Hyderabadi Biryani


The best Hyderabadi Biryani with the best long-grained rice. Fusion with flavors and a combination of spices makes it more delicious. The addition of saffron gives it a royal touch and flavor. The different layers are filled with chicken and gravy. Raita and Salad are served with the biryani to make it more special.

Hyderabadi Khichdi


Hyderabadi khichdi is made up of special basmati rice and masoor dal. Flavors are added to make it more delightful. It is specially served with a tangy chutney, also known as “khatta .”The addition of ghee makes it tastier. Here you will get the best Hyderabadi khichdi with lots of flavors at your table.



The best Hyderabadi marag is here to bring exotic flavors to your table. It’s a soup with mutton bones in it with lots of spices. It is a famous Hyderabadi recipe. It is served with special Naan and Roti. It is full of flavors. You will be amazed at our tasty Hyderabadi Marag.



The most famous Hyderabadi Haleem you will get here. It brings a delightful and delicious taste of spices and flavors. It is a combination of meat, spices, and pounded wheat. It is made in the form of a thick stew. It is garnished and eaten with ghee, fried onion, and coriander.

Qubani Ka Meetha


You will be amazed at the sweetness and deliciousness of our special Hyderabadi dessert Qubani Ka Meetha also called “Khubani Ka Meetha .”It is made with dried apricots, sugar, and nuts. It is served with cream toppings. And also eaten with Ice Cream or custard.

Double Ka Meetha


Sweet lovers are welcome to eat the best Hyderabadi dessert Double Ka Meetha also known as “Shahi Tukda.”The fried bread dip in flavored sugar syrup (chachni) and garnished with nuts. It is served with delicious rabdi.

Mirchi Ka Salan

To bring you into the world of spiciness, here we present the special Hyderabadi Mirchi Ka Salan. It is full of spices and aromatic flavors. It is served with biryani. It is made with green chilies, which is why it is called Mirchi Ka Salan.

Pathar Ka Gosht


Pathar Ka Gosht is made with lamb meat. It is a famous Hyderabadi dish. It is cooked on a wide stone and put up on a flame. The spices and flavors are added to make it more delightful and flavorful. You will get here the best flavored Pathar Ka Gosht.

Hyderabadi Chicken 65

The famous and delicious Hyderabadi Chicken 65 is here to give you the best and unforgettable taste. It is served as a starter and also as a side dish. The chicken is marinated, and then it is fried. The spices are added to enhance the flavors. The best spicy and tasty Hyderabadi chicken 65 you will get here with a blast of flavor.





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