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In-house restaurant with lavish Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner & a well stocked bar.
Hotel Rooms
Richly decorated with modern necessities and comfortable facilities.
The luxury suite Hotel SVM GRAND is one of the most stylish hotels in Hyderabad.

Hote SVM GRAND – Medipally

Welcome to Hotel SVM GRAND - Medipally

Medipally hotel that provides luxurious accommodations, by-your-side service and tasty cuisine. It’s successful because of its affordable prices for the quality offered. Medipally area in Hyderabad has many business class hotels. Still, this one stands out due to their star rating – 3 stars!

The hotel is an excellent choice for City-wide businesses, and commercial establishments have found that these hotels are convenient, centrally located and popular among travelers.

The convenient and downtown locations of the hotels with their star-quality space, facilities and services have been the first choice of city-wide businesses and commercial establishments.


We don’t just have one cuisine experience at the hotel in Medipally. We offer multi-cuisine restaurant options for our guests! If you are looking forward to dining on Indian dishes alone, then this is where you will find what’s next. Our chefs put together an incredible spread that has something guaranteed not only to satisfy your hunger but also make it so memorable too 

The focus isn’t limited when it comes down to choosing which type of cuisine interests most visitors either; instead.

During your stay, the hotel will prepare what you need in a way that suits your taste and preference. Our food is always fresh, nutritious as well as tasty! We take pride in giving our customers only high-quality dishes which will ensure their satisfaction with us. 

We have an excellent team of staff who work round the year, ensuring happy guests from different countries visit this hotel every day

Fully Air-Conditioning

Car Parking Available

Alchohol & Beverages

Best Food Served

Hotel Rooms

The principle of our hotel will be “Hospitality is nothing but understanding”. When you are away from home, one place where we can provide comfort instantly will make everything better! There’s also so much more than just needing somewhere comfortable; 

We have designed luxury hotel rooms in Hyderabad by understanding your needs. Our first concern is to make sure you have a pleasant stay in our Hotel Rooms. Then, we will make sure that your hotel experience exceeds your expectations. Luxury hotel rooms in Hyderabad are designed to blend aesthetics, comfort and convenience. To meet all your requirements, our excellent services will be sure not to disappoint you!

Free Wifi Access

24x7 Power Supply

Car Parking Available

Best Price Packages

Doctor On Call

Fully Air-Conditioning

No Hidden Charges

Professional Travel Desk

Banquet Halls

Whether you’re looking for an intimate dinner or a large event, we have the perfect space! Our state of the art banquet facility at the Hotel offers grand surroundings in which to host your next special occasion. SVM Grand Medipally is equipped with air conditioning and Wi-Fi. Every detail will be taken care of while providing guests with all they needs during their stay from audiovisual equipment such as projectors & TVs if needed too!

With ample seating available within the Banquet Hall, it can sit comfortably yet still feel cozy, unlike other larger hotels/motels nearby. Let Event Organizers take care of your event, and you can focus on what’s important – the guest list!

We’re here for all aspects, from planning to design. Our team has experience in every aspect, so we’ll plan it right with no fuss or bother and make sure everything goes smoothly at this grand banquet hall which comfortably seats up to 400 people (or more).

24x7 Power Supply

Car Parking Available

Fully Air-Conditioning


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