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The restaurant in Koti offers delicious cuisines to satisfy your taste buds.


For enjoying the traditional cuisines of the Nizams and having a royal fine dining experience, Hyderabad is an apt place. Royal dining was always a practice of the Nizams, and many top restaurants still follow the culture in Hyderabad. In that way, the SVM Grand in Koti stands as a high-end restaurant that takes your taste buds to another world.

Authenticity reflects in the food

Hyderabad is a foodie’s zone where every dish reflects food authenticity. If you want to experience authentic Hyderabadi cuisine, SVM is an ideal choice to dine. The lavish restaurant stands in a prime destination with unique cuisines. However, the delicious culinary cuisines such as Nagara style for vegetarians, Chinese, desserts, and North-Indian dishes are well-famous.

The rich, authentic flavours in every dish ensure an exceptional dining experience. SVM Grand indeed brings in the Nizam’s style and taste in their cuisines. Whether it’s biryani or kebabs, Hyderabad’s cooking style grabs a unique position to bring authenticity and flavour to its dishes. The best dishes of Telangana are served in a luxurious restaurant. The non-veg and veg Thali options go beyond imagination. The authentic Andhra coastal foods play a prominent role in such top restaurants. 

Fully Air Conditioning

Car Parking Available

Alcohol & Beverages

Best Food Served

Royal Ambience Restaurant

The royal ambience is another reason to book the restaurant for a romantic dinner. The ambience and charming vibe cut a dash with its extraordinary interiors. The decor and interiors provide a refreshing and calm feeling with unique wood furniture and patterned walls. The interior lighting with state-of-the-art light patterns grab visitors’ attention and generate a festive feel to the restaurant. For an authentic luxurious dining experience, individuals must-visit SVM Restaurant at Koti.

Pocket-friendly charges

Though running as a luxurious hotel with all comfortable interiors, the price of having satisfying food never burns a hole in your pocket. From vegetarian to non-vegetarian, all classic favourite dishes are quoted with minimal costs but more quantity delighting food lovers. Such reasonable charges and the best hospitality ensure more visitors to the restaurant. 

SVM Grand Koti Restaurant Facility and Amenities

Home Delivery​

Our tempting dishes have captured the taste buds of food lovers with more home deliveries. Our home delivery services work wonders which have opened the way for ease of ordering food from home. Many customers are delighted by our quick and timely home delivery services. You can order delicious food from the restaurant with Swiggy and Zomato in just a few clicks

Takeaway Available

A takeaway is another excellent choice for food enthusiasts to experience hot, authentic Hyderabadi cuisine. A simple call to the restaurant is ample for takeaway instantly. You can book us either through our website or by phone, and our service will reach you at your doorstep.

Indoor Seating

The three-star luxury restaurants provide spacious indoor seating in their restaurants, banquet halls, and conference rooms. The fully air-conditioned interiors come with up-to-date amenities for guests. SVM Grand Hotels are highly demanded as the interior seating is compatible with corporate and family for business meetings and occasions. The clock power supply with spacious car parking amenities makes SVM the most wanted restaurant by all.


North Indian Food

North Indian





Why choose SVM Grand Koti

SVM Grand serves as a restaurant and satisfies all the needs of people according to their requirements. The splendid ambience, spacious interiors, fantastic food, and best hospitality impress customers each time. Customers forget everything else as they step into SVM Grand. It is our responsibility to create beautiful memories for our customers. Hold hands with SVM Grand for all your events occasions, and we’ll make it an unforgettable experience. 


SVM Grand, without a doubt, is an excellent place for a fine dining experience. For cultural, culinary heritage, and royal hospitality, choose Koti. The lavish and outstanding setting seizes the attention of all people in Hyderabad to step in and enjoy authentic food. Dining at one of the best restaurants in Hyderabad makes time and money worth spending. Make your events and dining experience impeccable by associating with SVM Grand and enjoying all the facilities. 


As every occasion goes for a drink, a well stocked bar with private dining rooms is at your disposal to booze gleefully. It is considered as an ideal choice for an ornate and wet bar near Boduppal/Uppal areas in Hyderabad. A variety of beverages from spirits to mocktails are available at economic rates. SVM bar is a must-try attraction within the hotel during your term of stay.



Yes, SVM grand takes care of decoration and settings. The customer can relax and enjoy the event as everything is planned.

Yes, we offer facilities according to the events. We make comfortable arrangements and render high-class facilities for business meetings.

At SVM grand, we aim at satisfying customers and bringing them back to us again with our quality service and best hospitality. We quote pocket-friendly charges so that all customers across Hyderabad enjoy our services.

Run through our website, and just a call is ample to book any services with SVM. Customers can also fill out the online form and contact us.

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