The banquet hall concept has made occasions and parties effortless. As you lay plans for important occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, cultural events, or corporate events, appropriate arrangement turns the event into a successful one. In that way, booking the best banquet hall is an ideal choice. The SVM Grand is a superior luxurious hotel with banquet halls across Hyderabad.

The SVM grand banquet halls stay as a primary choice for any occasion for the people of Hyderabad. If you wish to throw a party, choose SVM Grand as they owe a wide range of banquet halls. A few great banquet halls are the Srirasthu banquet hall, Shubhamastu banquet hall, and Kalyanamasthu banquet hall. Let us sneak and peek into the details of SVM grand banquet halls across Hyderabad.


1. Best banquet hall in Uppal

For residents of Uppal deciding to throw a party or other events, SVM grand banquet hall in Uppal is an intelligent choice. Uppal location is the business hub in Hyderabad and supports guests to arrive hassle-free for the event. Our Uppal banquet halls is one-stop solution for events such as birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, and more. The best facet about our Uppal halls is the spacious and airy environment for comfortable accommodation of guests.

Capacity: SVM Grand at Uppal holds two great banquet halls, Sri Rasthu and Subhamasthu. These halls vary from 100 to 300 guests, depending on the occasion.

Facilities: Uppal Hall has the best in-house chefs, well-versed in making vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to satisfy guests’ taste buds and win massive compliments. Creative decors by SVM Grand impress the guests as they arrive. Moreover, alcoholic beverages spice up the party leading to utmost enjoyment. Guests need not worry about parking and lodging as SVM Grand serves spacious parking areas for hassle-free parking.

Budget: The pocket-friendly charges with a buffet for 350 per head delight customers for associating with SVM Grand. The budget for 100 guests comes to around 35000 and more for the non-veg buffet. Moreover, SVM grand Uppal offers discounts and other offers for booking. Book in advance and delight your guests with a grand party.


2. Best Banquet Hall in Medipally

The Srirasthu Subhamastu is a prime choice for grand events with more guests. The extravagant ambiance makes the occasion a high-class event with lasting memories for a lifetime. The prime location of the hall makes it a cakewalk for guests to arrive from any other place or state. On any occasion, the hooks and cooks are well-managed by the management, making it a success.

Capacity: The Srirasthu Subhamastu is a prestigious hall that holds people of 500 capacity and has a floating capacity of 600 people.

Facilities: The SVM Grand Medipally offers a never-ending list of facilities and delights the guests. The trained and expert staff take responsibility from the time of booking to examine all the amenities in the Srirasthu Subhamastu hall. The in-house chefs do wonders with vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods providing the best high-class food for the guests. SVM Grand has an in-house panel of decorators who help decorate the hall with creative themes. We also offer car parking facilities, air-conditioned rooms, the best interiors, and excellent services.

Budget: The overall cost of The Srirasthu Subhamastu hall never burns your pocket. The buffet starts at INR 600 per plate, and depending on the invitees, the charges vary. Moreover, SVM Grand offers its customers many discounts and offers. Avail the same by collaborating with SVM grand Medipally for your occasions.


3. Banquet hall in Koti

Koti banquet hall is a place for happiness and celebration. For the anniversary, birthday parties, or any social gatherings, Koti banquet halls provide the best amenities. Make the occasions unforgettable by spicing up with sound effects and lighting.

Capacity: The Koti banquet halls are two in number, with hall one holding 100 to 150 guests and hall 2 holding 300 to 500 guests.

Facilities: The immense facilities include attached dressing rooms, in-house catering, a centralized air conditioner, parking facilities, and trained staff for the best hospitality services. The SVM Grand takes responsibility for inner decorating and theme, making the ambiance outstanding.

Budget: The Koti banquet halls charge INR 350 per head for a buffet by discussing the budget. The cost of booking the hall is less compared to other halls. The SVM grand Koti halls charge roughly 35000 INR, based on the number of guests.


4. Banquet hall in Attapur

The Attapur banquet hall is an excellent choice for all occasions in Hyderabad. There are three grand banquet halls in the Attapur center of Hyderabad. Book SVM Grand’s Attapur banquet halls to enjoy ample facilities with a limited budget. Make your events and celebrations cherished with Attapur banquet halls for their exceptional service.

Capacity: The three grand banquet halls in Attapur offer varying seating capacities. Hall one has 100, and 150 floating guests, hall two permits 200 and 300 floating guests, and hall 3 offers 300 seating guests and 500 floating guests.

Facilities: The facilities in these three halls are tremendous that attract the guests again for all occasions in their family. The gorgeous banquet halls offer centralized air conditioners, parking facilities, changing rooms, excellent catering service, and the best staff for hospitality.

Budget: The budget factor in all the halls is reasonable, with INR 350 per head for the buffet. The budget factor varies depending on the number of guests. Moreover, SVM Grand offers massive discounts and offers too.


5. Banquet hall in Shamshabad

For cheerful occasions to last for a lifetime as memories, associating with the SVM Grand Shamshabad is an ideal choice. We offer versatile and classy spaces that escalate the event to higher-class mode. Moreover, the facilities we provide and the location make it a prime choice for guests to book the Shamshabad banquet hall.

Capacity: The Shamshabad Banquet hall holds a capacity of 200 people and spacious enough for grand events.

Facilities: The amenities in the hall are never-ending, with exceptional care from the staff of SVM Grand. Centralized air conditioning, parking facilities, catering, decorators, changing rooms, and more make SVM Grand in Shamshabad a brilliant hall to book for any family events.

Budget: By digging deep into the budget factor, the SVM Grand Shamshabad never costs you a fortune. The buffet goes for INR 350 per head, and the hall charges are pocket-friendly.


The SVM Grand group offers the best luxury banquet halls at reasonable costs for residents of Hyderabad. SVM Grand Banquet halls are best renowned for amalgamating services such as proficient staff with exceptional customer care, delicious chefs, and tremendous maintenance of interiors. The responsible dining services, customer service, and management make SVM Grand the best banquet hall in Hyderabad. Make your celebrations successful by booking SVM Grand Banquet halls for proud moments.

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